22nd July, 2pm - 8pm, The Binary (SE1), London

Where progressive property leaders [re]connect

Venue host:

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What on earth is it?

SPACE [UK Tribes] is an afternoon of discussion groups - or Tribes as we call them - on the most pertinent issues in property.

A unique venue

'The Binary' is not your typical conference venue. It's a cool space, owned by Fabrix - a fellow SPACE+ Member. 

The event takes place inside and out, with fresh air at the forefront of our event design.

We help you re-connect meaningfully

SPACE [UK Tribes] is a great way to re-connect with your peers; test your thinking, challenge and be challenged, benchmark and collaborate.

Join us

Join SPACE+ to access SPACE [UK Tribes], and to all our UK events - including the big one: SPACE UK at the Ministry of Sound (30.11.21).

Rob Marten & Neall De Beer

Co-Founders, SPACE+

P.s. In the evening we have SPACE+ Summer Sessions (in the couryard of The Binary) - al fresco drinks, networking and music.



How do we better plan space and place?


How do emerging themes impact asset values?


How do we curate world-class spaces?


How do we better manage assets?


Where can we add greatest value?



Oliver Knight

Oliver Knight

Head of Offices, Landsec

Rachel McIsaac

Rachel McIsaac

MD, Head of Asset Management, AEW UK

Suzan Dixon

Suzan Dixon

Head of Workplace Europe & Americas, Standard Chartered

Ronen Journo

Ronen Journo

Senior MD, Hines

Paul Hicks

Paul Hicks

Investment Manager, Fabrix

Laurence Jones

Laurence Jones

Head of Asset Management, Trilogy Real Estate

Naqash Tahir

Naqash Tahir

Director - Head of Systems Europe, PGIM

Lily Lin

Lily Lin

MD, UK & Ireland, MARK

Peter Hewitt Penfold

Peter Hewitt Penfold

Head of Property & Estate, FCA

Jim Eaton Terry

Jim Eaton Terry

CTO, Quintain

Morgan Baker

Morgan Baker

Investment Manager, Fabrix


Tribes are interest areas.

Each Tribe has one or two discussion groups.

Each discusssion group has a topic, a Host and five Co-Hosts. 

Members join the discussion they favour as active participants.

Sponsors can Host a discussion.

~ Meaningful engagement for all ~


The OCCUPEERS is a peer group of corporate occupiers, discussing workplace strategy. 



The IMPACT Tribe discuss sustainability, social impact and responsible growth.


The CAMPUS Tribe discuss campus design, activation and engagement.

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The REAAS Tribe discuss Real Estate as a Service and the blending of hospitality.

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The BWT Tribe discuss built world technology and digital transformation.

Friends at Lunch


The PLACE Tribe discuss placemaking strategy and innovation.