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When you book membership, your ticket[s] to each UK event is guaranteed.
We contact you to confirm you attendance prior to each event.

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Tickets for SPACE UK 2022

(30th November)

1 ticket

Up to 5 tickets

Tickets for all SPACE+ Events


1 per event

Up to 5 per event

Tickets for Virtual Events

1 per event

Up to 5 per event

Access to virtual sessions on-demand


Company wide

Access to Discussion Papers


Company wide


£699 (12 months)

£1999 (12 months)

Frequently asked questions...

Q. How do I attend ALT/RESI UK in April?

A. Join as a Solo or Company Member and your ticket is included. Or, just register as a Delegate.

Q. How do I attend SPACE APAC VIP Thinktanks in March?

A. Asset owners can apply for a VIP Pass to 

Q. Can colleagues use my UK Membership to attend events?

A. If you hold a Company Membership, any five members of your company can attend any/all UK events. However, if you hold a Solo Membership, colleagues cannot attend SPACE+ events in your place.

Q. Can I attend SPACE APAC, Middle East, India or Ireland with my UK Membership?

A. Unfortunately not. But you are eligible for a discounted rate. Contact

Q. How will you create a safe environment? 

A. We've designed events that allows for a safe reintroduction to networking. Here's what to expect:

  • Variation - You can take all of the networking breaks outside, if you wish. 

  • Cleanliness - Constant cleaning of tables, chairs, surfaces and bathrooms between sessions.

  • Personal Space - In the Tribes, we'll set chairs approximately 1m apart. And we don't encourage handshakes - remember that you may be further ahead in your re-entry to 'normal' life than the person you're meeting.

  • Wellbeing - We encourage you to take a rapid lateral flow test in the morning. Please have test results or covid passport ready on arrival.

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