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Property Networking Events 2022

Alternative Residential Investment & Development

27 April 2022

Built World Technology, Digital Transformation & Real Estate as a Service

29th June 2022

Sustainability, Social Impact & Responsible Growth

8 September 2022

The world’s most progressive property event.

15TH Nov 2022

How We Make Property Networking Work

property networking drinks

Networking Lunch & Drinks Reception

The Networking Drinks is a brilliant opportunity to unwind with your fellow attendees, chat, and follow up on the day. 

If you would like to sponsor the drinks at any of our events, please reach out to [email protected]

VIP Dinners

Our VIP dinners are an exclusive networking opportunity.

At the end of the event, there will be three VIP Dinners. 

They are by invite only and topic will be covered which relates heavily to the sponsor and the invitees. By coimissioning the event you get to influence both the attendees and the theme. 

'Tribes' Discussion Groups

These are setup to give you the opportunity to chat and discuss key topics with your peers. 
You will walk away with a really clear idea of what others are doing in the market, whilst also making connections and networking in the most authentic way possible. 
wembley boxpark venue

Superb Venues

‘Location, Location, Location’ in property it is everything. For property events, it is just as important.

We’ve never hired a normal venue. We want to
take you to new places; give you new experiences. We believe that the environment
you’re in significantly influences your ability
to think and connect.

Benefits of Property Networking Events

By attending property networking events, you are able to keep your ear to the ground. You will be kept up to date with the major changes happening, but also insights that will give you and your business an edge. 

You may have strategies in place that work, but if you could get a blueprint to your competitors strategies you would no doubt be even more successful. 

At property networking events, such as ours at SPACE+ we get speakers and hosts to share their strategies, followed by discussion groups so you have time to debate and brainstorm about these strategies.

The old adage ‘the bigger your network, the bigger your networth’ is more relevant than ever in the property industry.

This is the number one reasons people attend property events, so we make sure that we create an environment where it is easy to meet new individuals, which can create new opportunities in your line of work. 

Working with others rather than against them can take you a lot further in the property world. 

You have the chance to meet others who are also on the lookout to partner up. As an example, at SPACE+ we receive a significant amount of developers and investors looking to partner up after meeting at our events. 

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