Damien Sharkey


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Managing Director


Damien has an in-depth understanding of Hub and is highly familiar with its people, initiatives, partners, and stakeholders. Damien left Hub in 2019 to work for Circle, a home consultancy company, after nearly five years in the company. Damien was the development director at Hub at the time of his departure to join Circle. Damien gained valuable work experience while away from the company, and he has now returned to put those skills to use at the Hub. He returned to Hub two months later when he was offered the position of managing director.



HUB is a prgressive developer dedicated to constructing high-quality homes for people in the UK, both today and in the future.  It is a multi-award-winning residential developer that creates thoughtfully designed homes and places in convenient locations. They have extensive expertise, having completed or under construction over 2,500 homes for sale and rent.

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