Discussion: Future-proofing offices
Event: OCCUPEERS Global Virtual Meet

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Virtual Global Meet
APAC Discussion Group: Future-proofing offices
The pendulum has swung to experience curation. But what technology do you need to successfully blend Real Estate and hospitality? How do you measure workplace experience? And what should be in our data and technology toolkit? The OCCUPEERS asses the requirements for tech-enabled space.

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Laila Khalil

Director, Real Estate & Workplace Services, Salesforce

Alex Birch

CoFounder & CEO, XY Sense

Vinod Rajan

VP & Head Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Services, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

Michael Condoleon

Director, Real Estate Asset Management, GSK

James Foo

Vice President, Global Real Estate and Workplace Enablement, American Express

Jeanne Wong

Head REFS APAC, Novartis

Stephen Banks

Director of Group Real Estate, ASPAC, BP

Scott Barras

Global Head of Workplace, Standard Chartered