IMPACT Tribe Crib Notes: Embedding your sustainability strategy

The ‘IMPACT Tribe’ convened at the Bottle Factory to discuss how a sustainability strategy is embedded in the organization’s wider commercial plan.

The Discussion, part of the SPACE [UK Tribes] micro-event, consisted of a stellar line-up including Co-Hosts Emily Hamilton (Savills IM), Rachel McIsaac (AEW), Rebekah Tobias (MARCOL), Jon Allgood (The Crown Estate) and Sam Monger (Grosvenor). The group was expertly hosted by Measurabl’s Irena Badelska.

    • Members of the group highlighted early on the importance of determining what your strategy actually means, costing it out, the cash flows and the metrics around it.
    • The IMPACT Tribe agreed that the government needs to do more around enforcing regulations.
    • The group also noted that current laws don’t provide financial incentives for investing in green buildings. With Rebekhah Tobias of MARCOL agreeing that it might be a case of the government playing a role in making people put their money where their mouths are.
    • The time has come for property professionals to take a personal responsibility to do the right thing, was the sentiment shared by AEW’s Rachel McIsaac.
    • Clarity over green loans came to the fore with Fabrix’s Matthew Weaver underlining the vagueness of trying to determine why a green loan is a green loan.
    • Emily Hamilton of Savills IM highlighted that amongst other issues, climate risks are expected to add as much as $183bn to annual premiums for property insurance by 2040.
    • Wellness is fundamentally about being in a building that does not actually do harm to you as was pointed out by Jon Allgood of the Crown Estate.
    • The group agreed that accessing tenant data and compelling tenants to share data is one of their biggest challenges. With the sharing of energy usage data currently being dependent on the tenant.
    • Some corporations won’t share data as it could potentially be damaging to them.
    • Sam Monger from Grosvenor believes that landlords need to take more responsibility and not wait until they have perfect data from tenants to take action.
    • The IMPACT Tribe lauded the new regulations coming in 2025, stating that you can’t lease your building to a tenant unless they are EPC compliant.
    • When it comes to tech, the push towards digital twin and smart buildings has an important role to play in improving sustainability standards.
    •  When it comes to reporting, data auditing and data quality is proving tricky.
    • The group was in agreement that there needs to be standard metrics of reporting. The discussion concluded around the COP 26 Carbon Tax and the IMPACT Tribe highlighted the need for standardizing TCFDs globally in pursuit of net zero.


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The ‘IMPACT Tribe’ convened at the Bottle Factory to discuss how a sustainability strategy is embedded in the organization’s wider…

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