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Why 50% Female Co-Hosts is a SPACE+ Promise?

We believe that success should be based upon an individual’s knowledge, merit, expertise, and work ethic. 

To help deal with the decades of inequality in the property market, we are committed to giving women in the property industry at least an equal opportunity to host and speak at our events. 


Alternative Residential Investment & Development

27 April 2022

Built World Technology, Digital Transformation & Real Estate as a Service

29th June 2022

Sustainability, Social Impact & Responsible Growth

8 September 2022

SPACE APAC - the flagship Asia Pacific event of SPACE+.

17th NOV 2022

Built World Technology India, Digital Transformation & Real Estate as a Service


Built World Technology Asia, Digital Transformation & Real Estate as a Service


The world’s most progressive property event.

15TH Nov 2022

A Few Of Our Leading Female Co-Hosts

Hanna Afolab​

Hanna Afolab

As Development Lead for East Wick and Sweetwater, Hannah oversaw both projects’ planning, development, and delivery.

Hannah has spoken at some of our major events such as ALT/RESI 2022. 

Jessica Van Rozen​

Jessica Van Rozen

Jessica is the Director of Real Estate, EMEA, at GSK

She will be one of the Co-Hosts at SPACE UK. 

Emma Cariaga

Emma Cariaga

Emma is currently British Land’s Joint Head of the Canada Water Development and Head of Residential. 

We have been lucky enough to have Emma speak at two of our events. The first being SPACE UK 2019 and then more recently at ALT/RESI 2022, where she discussed BtR within the masterplanning of new campuses and neighborhoods.


Michela Hancock - women in property

Michela Hancock

Michaela is currently the Managing Director at Greystar Europe. 

Michela is responsible for Greystar’s fully integrated development process in the UK. Which involves being in charge of high-density multifamily project funding, design, entitlements, construction, and lease-up. 


64% of real estate agents in the US are now Women. This number looks like it could continue to grow as old stigmas are washed out. 

Based on a Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) study from 2015-2020, there was an increase from 23% to 29% of women entering brokerage positions. 

There was also a 4% increase in the number of women aspiring to be in C-suite positions, making the figure 32% in 2020. 

Based on March 2021 – Women only make up 36.7% of positions in commercial real estate. Unfortunately, this has not increased much in the past 15 years.

The fixed salary gap between genders in 2020 was 10.2%, yet in the development sector it was 20%.

The bonus and commission gap was a sizeable 55.9%, with the brokerage gap being 70% and development gap 65%. 

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