Stephanie Barbabosa

Lendlease Development - Europe

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Head of Build to Rent


Stephanie has managed multi-family, single-family, retail, mixed-use, and HOA properties for over 20 years. Throughout her career, she’s worked in a variety of high-end rental and rehab properties, and she’s well-versed in all facets of real estate management. Stephanie excels at identifying and repositioning underperforming assets, creating value, and resolving issues. Aside from marketing, she is well-versed in student/faculty housing issues and current social media trends.


Stephanie is both a Certified Professional Manager and an active member of the IREM. Aside from that, she is a DC Certified Property Manager. She went to Moorpark College and the Allied School of Real Estate. New company creation, asset management, budgets, lease-ups and marketing plans, brainstorming, financial analysis, staff training and mentorship, pre-construction consultancy, and Yardi administration are among her specialties.


Lendlease Development - Europe

One of the world’s leading property and investment companies, Lendlease specializes in reshaping cities and building thriving communities. Construction, property investment management, and property development are the primary priorities of LendLease Development (Europe) Limited. Among the company’s many endeavors are the construction and operation of shopping malls, low-income housing projects, and facilities for the elderly.  

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