Rajiv Peter

Notting Hill Genesis

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Group CIO


Rajiv Peter, former director of digital technology, joined the executive team in mid-March 2022. Before joining the public sector, Rajiv worked for start-up software businesses and municipal governments to digitize services. He began working at Notting Hill Genesis in May 2017 as a solutions manager and quickly advanced to the position of director. At Notting Hill Genesis, he was in charge of the development of a digital platform that was used by more than half of the country’s households and processed more than a million transactions. He earned an MSc in Information Systems from the London School of Economics and studied direct democracy and governance there.


Notting Hill Genesis

Notting Hill Genesis was formed in 2018 through the merger of two well-established housing associations. It is currently one of London’s and the south east’s largest housing associations. They own and manage around 66,000 residences and employ over 2,000 people. They offer a variety of housing options and are devoted to providing housing that is affordable to everybody.

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