Kristian Branum-Burns


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Senior Vice President, Europe


Kristian began working at QuadReal in 2019  as a Senior Vice President, International Real Estate, Europe. Kristian  is responsible for all European real estate investments in all asset classes. He holds an MSc Finance and Private Equity from the London School of Economics and earned First Class Honours  in Accounting and Finance from Exeter University.


Before joining QuadReal, Kristian was the Vice President of Lone Star Europe in London for six years, where he invested in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scandinavia. He is well-versed in a wide range of investing strategies, including equity and distressed debt. Kristian began his career as an analyst in Rothschild & Co’s European real estate group before joining Lone Star (M&A and DCM). 



QuadReal Property Group is a global real estate partner based in Vancouver. They are admired for giving back to their communities while generating great investment returns and sustainable growth. It manages $67.1 billion in assets. QuadReal began as a full-service real estate operator in Canada and has now grown to engage in equity and debt in both public and private markets. . QuadReal aspires to maximize investment returns while enhancing the lives of those it serves.  

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