John German


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Managing Director – Residential Investments


John has a solid track record of enhancing fund performance, investing, creating new funds, investing in new areas, and developing new opportunities. He is a business-savvy leader and team player with an eye on the bottom line. In addition, John is an outstanding communicator who fosters fruitful client connections and inspires employees to reach their full potential. Along with his expertise in residential and agricultural sales, John has a background in appraisals and asset and property management. He also has extensive experience in the management of serviced apartments. 



Invesco is an independent investment management company dedicated to serving individuals, financial professionals, and institutions. They cover a wide range of asset classes, investment styles, and locations with their methods. Their asset management capabilities include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, systematic market allocations (SMAs), model portfolios, indexing, and insurance solutions, among others.

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