John Dunkerley

Apache Capital Partners

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CEO and Co-founder


Apache Capital Partners’ CEO and co-founder, John Dunkerley, has around three decades of real estate and investment management experience under his belt. Before founding Apache, John worked with Jones Lang Wootton and Fletcher King for 12 years as an investment banker specializing in the United Kingdom. Apache Capital Partners was founded in 2008 by John and Richard Jackson to take advantage of the current market conditions and invest on behalf of Middle Eastern investors in the UK. Ten years later, Apache Capital Partners helped develop the UK’s premier build-to-rent brand Moda Living and partnered on breakthrough student housing and later living projects. 


Apache Capital Partners

Apache capital is a privately owned corporation created in 2008 and managed by its leadership team. They manage around £4.1 billion in residential assets by combining prudent capital management with a reputation for innovation.

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