Danielle Bayless

Quintain Living

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Danielle has worked in the multifamily sector in the United States over the past 30 years before becoming the COO of Quiantain Living . Danielle previously served as the vice president of operations for Essex Property Trust, an S&P 500 company. At Essex Property Trust, Danielle provided strategic leadership for all aspects of team and asset performance, including budgeting and the administration of more than 23,000 apartments across California’s west coast. Additionally, she has been appointed to the boards of the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) and various regional chapters of the California Apartment Association (CAA). 


Quintain Living

Quintain delivers an institutional level asset and property management service that combines property management, asset management, and development services. They have a vertically integrated team that handles all facets of a project’s success, from design and execution to placemaking and asset management to finance. Quintain’s 85-acre Wembley Park and Greenwich Peninsula holdings are the company’s most well-known assets in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

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