Antonio Marin-Bataller

Patrizia AG

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Investment Executive


Antonio serves as the Patrizia‘s Managing Director, overseeing the company’s Living sector business across Europe (Residential, Student Housing, Senior Living and Micro-Living). As the lead transaction manager for Patrizia’s flagship Living Cities Fund, he oversees 12 Living sector funds investing across Europe and serves as the sector’s Lead Transactions Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland. 


Prior to joining Patrizia, Antonio was a member of the Central London Residential Investment and Funding Team, where he was responsible for funding residential lead developments in London and the South East, either through speculative sales funding or through a BTR (multi-family) market rented model.


Patrizia AG

PATRIZIA is a leading worldwide real estate partner, with over 37 years of expertise and cutting-edge research. PATRIZIA Real Estate Development (RED) is recognised in the market for its strong local experience and ability to create value to PATRIZIA’s clients and the local communities in which RED it operates.  PATRIZIA is among the top 10 in Europe with €44+ billion in AUM.  They specialize on real estate in well-known and emerging neighborhoods in major European cities. 

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