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Who are we? And what is SPACE?

A brief introduction to 14&B and its directors, with brief stops in New York and Bangalore

Who are we?

That's me, Rob, above! I need to level with you, I think the designer chiseled my jaw line. But let's not dwell on that. I founded 14&B (more to follow on that) having previously worked as Managing Director for Terrapinn and the Global Real Estate Institute (aka GRI Club). I've lived and worked in New York, Sydney, Johannesburg and London. I'm passionate about connecting great people around the world. LinkedIn

Introducing Neall de Beer:

Neall is a director of 14&B, and leads our Asia events. He is also GRI alum and hails from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Neall is a keen cricketer and claims to be quite good, which I just take his word for. LinkedIn

What is 14&B?

14&B is our company. It's named after 14th Street & Avenue B, my short-lived home in the East Village of New York. You may know that area as 'Stuy Town'.

Our first event brand is Built World Technology Alliance (BWT Alliance), with annual events established in India (BWT India) and Singapore (BWT Asia), with micro-events in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Mumbai. We also curate private dinners for international venture capital funds looking to raise capital in Asia.

Why SPACE? Why now?

SPACE was born from a research project we conducted in the UK. We starting gathering thoughts and ideas from property industry leaders on the things that most excite them. When we compared this to the existing property events in the UK, we saw an alarming disconnect.

I don't think it's too controversial to say that the property events calendar in the UK is a little stale.

We wanted to launch a mainstream event that spoke the language of an industry striving to progress. People-centric Real Estate, Flexible Assets, New Economies (Circular, Collaborative, Night-Time) and New Operating Models became the four pillars of this progressive new event, SPACE.

When we took SPACE to the industry, the feedback was overwhelming. As you can see from the programme, we have gathered a fascinating line up, from progressive asset owners, new operators, major corporates and alternative leaders.

Why Ministry of Sound?

When I heard that Ministry of Sound had launched a co-working space, I went to have a look. As beautiful as the space is (called Ministry), we needed something bigger. So we hired their nightclub instead! It's a property we're excite to host you in - iconic, unusual, daring, exciting. The event takes place both inside and outdoors. You'll see what I mean.

After all, we want it to be fun, right?

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