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Real Estate industry rising to the sustainability challenge

Updated: Jun 16

As Real Estate remains one of the key contributors towards carbon emissions, there is a strong push globally for the industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We caught up with Rowan Packer, Head of Sustainability and Social Value at MAPP, who believes the built industry is rising to the challenge of tackling climate change.

Tell us a bit more about MAPP and your ESG initiatives?

Our sustainability team comprises a range of subject matter experts across all facets of ESG / Sustainability in real estate. Our overall approach is to guide clients step-by-step using a single ESG framework which is tailored by the client and delivered by the MAPP team. The framework is designed around 5 key pillars, with 50 different ESG services offered. The services set out a net-zero carbon roadmap from collecting energy data, complying with regulation through to long-term carbon risk modelling and decarbonisation strategies. Each service or stage of the roadmap is explained to the client through knowledge sharing sessions, proposals and direct contact with our sustainability experts.

This framework also allows clients to join the roadmap at different points of their own journey and then follow the same path towards becoming a sustainable business.

How is MAPP engaging its clients to behave more responsibly?

Mainly through the program we discussed above but also through empowering our own staff with the knowledge and ability to manage the day-to-day interaction of responsible property management with our clients. However there is no one solution, as some clients like us to explain each step of the process and others expect us to deliver it as standard. Here at MAPP, responsible property management is always intrinsic to our plan and we are always happy to demonstrate our approach.

Do you think sustainability has been well adopted by the built industry?

Broadly yes. The built industry is further down the journey around tackling climate change than other industries. Although we still have issues to overcome (i.e. speed of change) but we have accepted the challenge which is important!

How do you see sustainable real estate investments developing in the coming years?

I think progress has been steady and the business case for climate change has been won in the past decade, therefore in the next 10 years it will be about 'taking action' and showing action against the business case. The financial industry is gearing up to invest in sustainability significantly but it will come down to businesses like MAPP to show leadership through action and to unlock the opportunities for our clients to invest in.

Rowan hosted a Discussion Group on Social Impact Strategy at SPACE UK. Catch it here: space-plus.org/mapp

You can find out more about MAPP here https://www.wearemapp.com/

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