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Construction's response to Covid-19 through digital tools

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Like many other industries at this time, construction is experiencing trying times and will face more challenges when the pandemic ends. We spoke with Autodesk Construction Cloud's Head of APAC Marketing, Adele Bernard, about possible industry responses through collaboration, digital transformation and the use of digital tools.  

How is the current Covid-19 situation impacting the construction industry? How is the industry responding?

The construction industry is going to face greater resource constraints coming out of this, and organisations that have already digitized will be enabled to do more with less.

We are very proud of our Autodesk colleagues in Israel who joined the makers community and leveraged the 3D printers in the office and their knowledge in modeling and automation to design, prototype, and then produce personal protective equipment to the medical teams working day and night fighting COVID-19.

Is the construction industry embracing digital transformation?

Through Digital Transformation, construction companies can ensure operational excellence, improved customer engagement by effectively managing risk, project completions on time and on budget, improving workforce safety and, overall, support infrastructure growth across world economies. However the, majority of construction companies are still in the early stages of their Digital Transformation journey.

A recent FMI report, Construction Disconnected found that Australia is reaping the rewards of adopting construction technology for almost two decades now, however the results also found the US had a higher mobile and field technology adoption rate.

How can digital tools help improve collaboration across the industry?

Construction is a collaboration between designers, builders, and owners, but the process’ are not meeting the industry’s needs. Disconnected teams and fragmented information lead to costly delays, rework, and waste.​

Our leadership in driving Building Information Modeling (BIM) and authoring tools opens the door for customers to easily work with our construction tools and connect their data from design to build to construct to operate. More and more contractors are embracing our authoring tools and finding value in BIM-based construction workflows.

What do you make of the Singapore construction market?

The Singapore government sees digitalisation as an important way to make the industry more productive. The Minister for National Development and Manpower, Zaqy Mohamad recently stated that Singapore’s construction productivity had risen by more than 17% in the last decade.

By pushing BIM Singapore has encouraged the construction industry to adopt digital solutions that complement BIM software. Singapore has also adopted a more green approach to construction compared to its Asian counterparts.

Tell us a bit more about Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Autodesk Construction Cloud combines advanced technology, a builders network, and predictive insights to connect people and data across the entire building lifecycle, from design through operations.

Autodesk Construction Cloud brings solutions like Assemble, BuildingConnected, BIM 360, and PlanGrid together to connect headquarters, office, and field teams to increase collaboration and productivity. Deeper integrations between each product to allow data to flow across all stages of construction. Powerful new artificial intelligence functionality also helps construction teams identify and mitigate design risks before problems occur. Reducing delays, rework and costs.

You can find out more about AutoDesk Construction Cloud here

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