Main Event: 10 June 2021 / 8.30am - 11.00am (BST)

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Social impact, sustainability & responsible growth for progressive & alternative property leaders

About the event

IMPACT is a global event on social impact, sustainability and responsible growth for progressive and alternative property leaders and long term investors.

Here, you will enjoy a new style of property event, where people and planet are prioritsed ahead of short term profit.  And where future-proofing takes centre stage.

In addition to the main event, the 'IMPACT Tribe' meets throughout the year at SPACE+ events.

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  • What's IMPACT about?

    IMPACT is the world's most future-proofed property program..

  • Social Impact

    How do we shift from shareholder value to stakeholder value?

  • Decarbonisation

    What can property companies do to rapidly decarbonise?

  • Climate Change Culpability

    How do we get ahead of the impending scrutiny on the property industry?

  • Responsible Investment

    What do institutional investors look for?

  • Sustainability Strategy

    How do we design a better sustainability strategy?

  • Impact Investing

    How do we better understand these unchartered returns?

  • Community engagement

    What's working and what's not?

  • Mental Health

    How can our buidings and investments provide great social value?

  • New Materials

    What are the most viable game-changing eco-friendly building materials?

  • Sustainability Technology

    What are the latest technologies and should property companies invest in emerging tech as LPs?

14 - 15 April (Virtual)
6 - 7 May (Virtual)
10 June (Virtual)
12 August (Virtual)
14 October (Capital Tower, Sg)
1 - 2 December (Ministry of Sound, London)
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