3:30pm - 5:30pm (SGT)

1.00pm - 3.00pm (IST)

8.30am - 10.30am (BST)

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A BWT Virtual Event, part of SPACE+

Workplace technology & transformation for Asia's occupiers & operators

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Welcome to

BWT Workplace

BWT Workplace is a Virtual Event on WorkTech and Digital Transformation for progressive occupiers and operators.

It's where big ideas are shared, norms are challenged and new connections are made.

The event is part of BWT, a sub-group of SPACE+.


How can we better serve and disrupt space operators?


How do we create a superior user experience?


How do we better manage assets?


Where can we add greatest value?

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15:30 / Networking Area
Log-in & Video Networking
1545 / Main Stage
Opening Remarks
Rob Marten, Co-Founder, SPACE+


16:00 / Main Stage / Keynote

The evolution of CRE leadership - Half the space, double the experience!

The pendulum has swung from vacancy rates to experience curation. But how do you measure workplace experience? At BWT Workplace Sheridan Perkins shares his views on the new role of the CRE Leader in a challenging environment of blended CRE, HR and IT.

Sheridan Perkins, Global Head, Workplace, Standard Chartered

16:30 / Networking Area
Video Networking

16:40 / Discussion Group

Tenant Experience - What kind of technologies add value and which are overhyped?

TeX is at the core of workplace design. But how do property firms win the tenant experience battle with mobile?


Dinesh Malkkani, Founder & CEO, Smarten Spaces


Alan Landau, Technology Innovation Manager, Ananda Development

Vignesh Thangadurai, Head of Real Estate APJCI, Cisco

David Wong,  CEO & Co-Founder, Booqed

Jon Allgood, Senior Asset Manager, The Crown Estate​

16:40 / Discussion Group

Identity, Brand & Belonging  - Why does it matter? And what drives loyalty?

The sense of belonging is hugely important to shared space and short term contracts. So what matters to people? How do we shift the needle from customer to resident?


Gregory Kittelson, Chairman KMC Solutions


Katrina Larkin, Co-Founder, FORA

16:40 / Discussion Group


Wellness - An innovative approach to workplace wellbeing post Covid-19

Lendlease are renowned for taking an innovative approach to workplace health and wellbeing and have done so with much success. Alison discusses how to design wellbeing into spaces to create great places and inspiring environments to achieve a sense of fulfillment amongst employees.


Alison Webb, Head of Workplace Europe, Lendlease

17:20 / Networking Area
Video Networking & close

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