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BWT India is the country's world-class built world technology event - covering PropTech, ConTech and WorkTech.

Our mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of the built world - connecting real estate, construction and workplace leaders to innovation, technology and opportunity.

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Sid Yog

Sid Yog

Chairman, The Xander Group

Praveen Vasudeva

Praveen Vasudeva

Country Head for Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP

Nirupa Shankar

Nirupa Shankar

Executive Director, Brigade Group

Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

Country MD, India, Taurus (USA)

Shantanu Chakraborty

Shantanu Chakraborty

SVP, Brookfield Properties

Amit Grover

Amit Grover

Executive Director, DLF

KP Reddy

KP Reddy

Founder & CEO, Shadow Ventures (USA)

Michael New

Michael New

Chief of Staff, Fifth Wall (USA)

Siddhartha Chatterjee

Siddhartha Chatterjee

India Leader, Honeywell Connected Buildings

Vinod Rohira

Vinod Rohira

CEO, Mindspace

Chirag Boonlia

Chirag Boonlia

Group CTO, Embassy Group

Anshul Jain

Anshul Jain

MD, SE Asia & India, Cushman & Wakefield

Dinesh Malkani

Dinesh Malkani

CEO, Smarten Spaces

Praveen Tomy

Praveen Tomy

Regional Director, Autodesk Construction Cloud

Abhinav Ram Reddy

Abhinav Ram Reddy

Owner, GAR Corp

Praveen Vasudeva

Praveen Vasudeva

Country Head - India Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP

Arnav Gusain

Arnav Gusain

Country Head of Product & Real Estate, WeWork India


29 October 2020 Program

14:00 / Networking Area
Login-in & Speed Networking
Repairing disconnect between humans and the built world


For too long the property industry has operated as a product industry. But change is here, and it’s happening rapidly. Are we beginning to repair the disconnect between humans and the built world? What does the future of the industry look like?  And what role does technology play?

Sid Yog, Chairman, The Xander Group

In Conversation with: 

Robert Marten, Co-Founder, SPACE+

14:50 / Networking Area
Speed Networking

Tech-Enabled Real Estate - The promises and pitfalls of PropTech

The adoption of technology in Real Estate is now mainstream. But true transformation is painful. It brings leadership challenges and - in some cases - whole-of-company repositioning.  At BWT India, our keynote panel discuss the transition to 'tech-enabled Real Estate'.

Anshul Jain, MD, India & SE Asia , Cushman & Wakefield


Sid Chatterjee, India Leader, Honeywell Connected Buildings

Vinod Rohira.JPG

Vinod Rohira, CEO, Mindspace

Amit Grover, Executive Director, DLF

15:45 / Networking Area
Speed Networking

Leading Change - An agile mindset

The willingness to adapt to change is needed to survive, but being agile enough to adopt technology at scale is needed to thrive. Sometimes that means starting small. At BWT India Nirupa Shankar shares her experiences of leading change.

Nirupa Shankar, Executive Director, Brigade Group

16:20 / BREAK-OUTS

Talk 1:

Industrialized construction - A glimpse into the future

The construction industry needs something beyond incremental change, something that will truly disrupt the sector, increase the value of other innovations, and tackle its challenges. At BWT India KP Reddy examines one compelling answer: industrialized construction technology with off-site manufacturing as the cornerstone.

KP Reddy, Founder, Shadow Ventures

Talk 2:

Connected Construction - How to enhance productivity through ConTech innovations

The construction industry still lags behind as one of the least digitised sectors, however, this is starting to change. Our discussion group assesses how to adapt quicker to counter efficiency and productivity challenges and keep up in the race for innovation.

Praveen Tomy, APAC Leader, Autodesk Construction Cloud

Landlords on Tech - Future Proofing properties; added value vs cost savings

In India, PropTech had a few early-adopters but many more with a 'watching brief'. So where are we now with evidence of value and cost savings? At BWT India, landlords discuss what's driving - and inhibiting - technology adoption.



Aamer Azeemi, Managing Partner, Petrus Consulting


Abhinav Ram Reddy, Owner, GAR Corp

Chirag Boonlia, Group CTO, Embassy Group

Shantanu Chakraborti, SVP, Brookfield Properties 

Ajay Prasad, Country Head - India, Taurus

Space as a Service - What do occupiers really want?

Businesses don’t want offices per se. They want successful employees! Space-as-a-Service is about helping to maximise that success. At BWT India, enterprise occupiers, flex operators and tech companies get to the bottom of what is really in demand - and the role  technology can play.


Manish Bhatia, SAAS Portfolio Leader, Honeywell Connected Buildings


Dinesh Malkani, CEO, Smarten Spaces

Vinod Rajan, VP & Head CRE & Workplace Services, Societe Generale

Sumeet Anand, Global Infrastructure & Logistics Leader, Genpact

Praveen Vasudeva, Country Head, Global Real Estate & Facilities, SAP

Arnav Gusain, Country Head of Product & Real Estate, WeWork India

17:15 / Networking Area
Speed Networking

Innovation Contest - The Grand Final

After making it through the preliminaries and the Semi-Finals, our four finalists pitch to the BWT Chief Judges and audience. 

After Facilio's success in 2019, who will be crowded the 2020 Champion?

Host: Jonas Haberkorn, Director, BUILTWORLD


Garima Bharadwaj, Co-Founder, Enlite Research

Lovepreet Mann.jpg

Lovepreet Mann, Co-Founder, Infurnia


Yash Patel, Co-Founder, Triecon Developers


Rohith Palleria, Co-Founder, Zodhya

18:20 / Networking Area
Speed Networking

18:30 / Keynote

Closing Keynote - Fifth Wall and India - 18 months on

Fifth Wall is the first and largest venture capital firm advising corporates on, and investing in, Built World technology. Michael New is the Chief of Staff at Fifth Wall and the company’s longest-tenured employee, joining the firm upon its inception in 2016. Michael is from Washington, DC, graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


A year on from their inaugural keynote, Michael joins us to share Fifth Wall’s key learnings over the past 12 months and where the firm sees opportunity in PropTech in India.


Michael New, Chief of Staff, Fifth Wall


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