13 october 2021, Singapore

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Big ideas & new business models for progressive property leaders, occupiers & investors

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What is it?

'SPACE APAC [VIP Thinktanks]' is a day of discussions on the most pertinent issues in property.

A unique format

We've designed a format suitable for C-level executives to network in small groups. 


A robust model

The day is designed to be impervious to prevailing rules; curated not catch-all.

Rob Marten & Neall De Beer

Co-Founders, SPACE+

Host a
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Literally, lead the thinking in your chosen Thinktank.

Engage clients

It's challenging to meet clients right now. This is the perfect solution.


Lock out your competition. The Thinktank is just you and your clients.

Create content

We will create a Paper from your Thinktank, which is exclusively yours.

Property leaders
Attend as a [VIP Guest]

Re-connect safely

Join eight of your peers in an efficient 90 minute session.

Test your thinking

Challenge and be challenged, voice your views, engage, learn, enjoy.

Criteria to attend

1. C-level or portfolio lead

2. Investor, property company or corporate occupier

3. Open-minded and ready to engage


Within each Thinktank there's one Host and 8 VIPS